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Already on the road? Earn extra cash as a ShipperBee driver – on your own schedule.



Want a local shipping solution that saves time, money and the planet? We’re here for you.


Hive Hosts

Be part of a new, innovative way parcels are delivered – no investment, just pure profit.


Why ShipperBee?

A first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery system, ShipperBee is crowd-sourced by everyday people, who are already in transit, to deliver parcels. We call this The Power of While.

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How it Works

Order placed

Locate pick-up driver

Deliver to Hive

Transfer across network

Deliver parcel

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Eco-friendly shipping

Our collaborative delivery driver network is filled with people already on the road. By tapping into their unused vehicle space, we can reduce carbon emissions by 77% per parcel.

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The Future of Shipping

Saving money on your shipping doesn’t have to be complicated. There are little things you can do that make a big impact. Here are six ways that you can start doing today.
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Regional Shipping Representative

BEE part of the Change – Are you a driven self-motivated individual seeking a startup vibe and a rewarding environment? Join our team as a Regional Shipping Representative.

Why ShipperBee is the Ideal Side Gig for Women

Men, women, boomers, millennials and retirees are all embracing the Gig Economy. Majority, women in particular with all of their daily roles and responsibilities, are gravitating to a gig that earns extra income. Learn why they're choosing ShipperBee.

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