Secure, regional shipping that saves you money and the planet

Save up to $12/package

Take advantage of our transparent, simple pricing to save money and your accountant the headache of reconciling surcharges and service fees.

No Hidden Fees

No Residential Fees

No Fuel Surcharges

Real-time parcel tracking

From the time your parcels leave your location, our controlled, technologically-driven process provides real-time GPS tracking, delivery updates, and photo confirmation upon delivery.

Secure parcels from pick-up to delivery

Count on the Hive to keep your parcels safe and secure. Our innovative smart transfer mailboxes are Wi-Fi connected, weatherproof, camera-equipped and virtually indestructible.

Planet friendly shipping alternative

ShipperBee bypasses the traditional hub-and-spoke system, plotting a direct delivery route using vehicles already in motion. It’s fast, efficient, and produces far fewer carbon emissions.

How ShipperBee Works

How It Works

ShipperBee is a first-of-its kind end-to-end delivery service that is transforming the way parcels are moved throughout North America.


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