Why ShipperBee is the Ideal Side Gig for Women

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

In our recent blog, The Ultimate Side Gig, we explored the value of the Gig Economy and how people from all walks of life are gravitating towards a side hustle, or two! Men, women, boomers, millennials and retirees are all embracing the Gig Economy. Majority, women in particular with all of their daily roles and responsibilities, are gravitating to a gig that earns extra income, but still allows for the ultimate flexibility in an already time strapped world.  

There are many creative ways women are gravitating towards the side hustle, such as rideshare driving, food delivery drivers, mystery shopping, pet sitting, dog walking and more. Many of the options available can be time consuming, can cause concern for one’s safety, and in the end, pay very little for the time spent.

We’re finding so many women have chosen to gravitate to ShipperBee as their, or one of their, side gigs. Here’s why:

They get to skip the stranger danger

Have you ever noticed that majority of food delivery service and rideshare drivers are men?  In all my years using these services I have had just two female rideshare drivers and one female food delivery driver. Many women avoid what we call ‘stranger danger’ and the risk that is associated with rideshare or food delivery gigs.  

Most people would think twice about picking up a hitchhiker but as a rideshare driver, you’re letting strangers into your car. As a food delivery driver, you’re approaching a stranger's home and an unknown situation. While rideshare companies do their best to screen riders by having a feedback system where both driver and rider rate each other, there’s no way to completely mitigate the risk to the driver’s personal safety. There are also plenty of reports online of passengers making inappropriate advances on drivers and the reverse.  

Like any service as large as the rideshare companies, the reports of negative incidents will always gain more attention than the majority of trips that happen without incident. When choosing one of these gigs, all drivers – male or female – should take appropriate precautions and be safety-minded at all times.

Burnout factor need not apply

We all like to push our boundaries to see what we’re capable of and earn a little extra income while doing it. Many side gigs can eat away all the spare time you have though, and many women fall into the trap of working full time and dedicating all of their non-work hours to the side gig. This is a disastrous recipe for burnout, particularly when you have several responsibilities at home like ensuring you dedicate enough time to your pets, kids and/or spouse.  

Burnout is a tricky thing. It’s the combination of both mental and physical exhaustion, pushing yourself to the point where you’re physically falling apart and mentally drained. You start to ache and lose your passion for things you once loved. The key is to find the right balance between productive pushing and pure spinning out of control.  

With ShipperBee, you choose what types of parcel pick-ups and deliveries you want to do. If opting to do pick-up and drop-off through our Hive network each day, it takes just minutes. It’s so quick and simple that burnout simply isn’t an option.  

It’s CRAZY flexible!

Running your kids to school or an extra-curricular activity? Commuting into work or heading to the gym to work up a sweat? Stay-at-home mom looking to get out of the house? Whatever your responsibilities and day-to-day look like, being a ShipperBee driver allows you to work as much or as little as you like. You can work every day or once a week. It’s all about when you have the time and can commit to picking up and dropping off a parcel or two. You can be the pick-up driver at a shipper’s location, run a parcel from hive to hive or be the last driver out doing deliveries while your kids are in class, your baby takes his afternoon nap in the car or when you stop for your morning coffee on your way into work. Whatever your day or week looks like, ShipperBee can easily fit in.  

No funky smells or messes to clean up – ewwww!

Yes, I just went there! Now, from what I have read and hear from rideshare drivers, most passengers are normal, everyday people just going about their lives. On their way to work, the airport for a business trip, a local bar for a night out or a student heading to school. The list is endless. But, let’s be honest, they are still complete and utter strangers, getting into your personal space and sitting right behind you. I don’t know about you, but it would feel creepy to me. Add in strangers who have unpleasant body odors, leave cigar bars reeking of cigar smoke, or worse, are drunk and vomit in your vehicle. Perhaps you decided that you don’t want to deal with passengers but would still like to do a side hustle doing food delivery. You can end up with some foods in your vehicle that aren’t sealed properly by the restaurant leaving you with a sticky mess or with some that are very smelly. In the end, regardless of it being people or food, smells can permeate your car’s interior and can linger for days. And the mess they make can be a nightmare to clean up.  

The parcels are small, safe to transfer and light in weight

Our driver’s safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why the biggest parcel that our Hive compartments can hold is 31” x 27” x 14” and a maximum weight of 30 lbs. In other words, you don’t need to be a stacked dude to pick-up and drop-off our parcels. More times than not, parcels will not be this large, as our Hives are built to accommodate smaller packages and 138 parcels at a size of 6” x 6” x 6”. We also do not allow for harmful or dangerous goods to be shipped across our Hive network allowing you to be rest assured that anything you are transporting will not create a situation that could negatively affect you.  

These are just a few reasons why women choose ShipperBee as their side gig. With ShipperBee, you’re simply picking up parcels and transferring them from point A to point B. Throw clean boxes and parcels into your trunk, backseat, wherever you have space, and hit the road. No mess, no smells, no passengers to deal with. Just the ability to turn up your tunes or listen to your latest audiobook or favorite podcast while in transit.

No matter what your lifestyle and day-to-day responsibilities are, ShipperBee is an easy way to earn extra cash, with as much time as you want to dedicate. BEEcome a driver and see just how easy it really is. Sign up here.  
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