Top Benefits of Collaborative Delivery Driver Networks

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

The world of shipping has seen many interesting shifts and changes in recent years, particularly those that affect small to medium sized business. There are some great examples that come to mind. Amazon has taken its Prime shipping from two days to one, setting a new consumer expectation for quick delivery. Along with faster delivery service, consumers are also expecting packages to arrive at a specific time, or at the very least, have the ability to pinpoint exactly where their package is while in transit. Businesses who can achieve this are usually retail giants like the Amazon’s and Walmart’s of the world. Consumers will naturally gravitate toward these perks, making the competition fierce for smaller business that can’t.  

These shifts in heightened consumer expectations, while convenient for the end recipient, are causing some heavy concerns around the climate change however. It’s becoming paramount that consumers open their minds and evaluate whether they NEED a product the same day it's ordered or at a specific time and look at alternative, planet-friendly options that are still quick and efficient but have less environmental impact. This is where a collaborative delivery driver network comes in.

What is a Collaborative Delivery Driver Network?

You may be wondering what a collaborative delivery driver network is. In our world, it’s a crowdsourced model that taps into people already on the road — we call this the Power of While, which is looking at what you can do while doing something else — to quickly launch and scale regional parcel delivery that saves time, money and the planet. In our case, it’s made up of commuters, stay-at-home parents, students, retirees and road trippers. These people are helping us change the way parcels are shipped all over North America.  

A Collaborative Delivery Driver Network can offer a series of advantages over larger courier companies. Here are four key benefits:

1. Everywhere our drivers go, parcels go too

Our CEO and Founder had a vision. If every driver today leveraged the Power of While, and carried a few parcels, there would be significantly fewer trucks on the road. With transportation accounting for 1.8 million metric tons of emissions and 23% from medium-heavy duty trucks, reducing their presence on the road means fewer carbon emissions polluting the air — not to mention less congestion to deal with on our major highways and routes. According to the University of Toronto, by tapping into unused vehicle space in cars already on the road, we’re reducing carbon emissions by a whopping 73.1% per parcel.

2. Our drivers benefit from a great gig economy alternative

In the U.S. alone, 36% of workers are in the gig economy and working a side hustle outside of their full-time job or looking for more flexibility than a traditional job can provide. ShipperBee offers drivers the flexibility of joining the gig economy and earn additional income using what most would call the second most expensive asset, their car. Our commuter drivers are a great example of this. Each day they go to the Hive nearest to their home and/or workplace, pick-up parcels and drop them off at a Hive closest to their final destination. No additional mileage or gas expenses added, just extra cash for a few minutes of their time a day. Whether they want to supplement their vehicle, gas and insurance costs or save for another life goal, parcel delivery with ShipperBee enables them to join the gig economy without a significant time investment.

3. Shippers benefit from lower parcel delivery costs

Our pricing model is very different from postal offices and larger couriers. We offer flat rate, transparent pricing – no hidden fees, no residential fees, no fuel surcharges. We’re able to do this by leveraging our collaborative delivery driver network. We’re not purchasing, fuelling and maintaining heavy duty trucks or leveraging hub-and-spoke distribution centers. We leverage our drivers, their vehicles and Hives to transfer parcels across our network. Less overhead means our customers benefit from lower shipping prices, allowing them to remain price competitive in a world of fast and free shipping. Plus, they don’t need to invest in expensive packaging like double wall boxes because we’re not stacking their parcels in large trucks for transportation. A true win-win scenario!

4. Our customers get a more personalized customer experience

At ShipperBee, one of our values is to be people driven, “we put parcels into the hands of capable, conscientious drivers and we treat our drivers right, so they’ll succeed and grow along with is. We take care of our customers and treat their shipments like our own.” The purpose behind this core business value is to ensure that we provide a human touch and experience across all that we do. Our collaborative delivery driver network is filled with people who want to make a difference in their own lives, for the planet and for the businesses they ship for. We support them in providing a first-rate experience for our customers from parcel pick-up right through to delivery. Every parcel delivery is GPS tracked so shippers can pinpoint the exact location of their parcels at any time – just like when you’re travelling in an Uber! Plus, they provide proof of delivery with photo confirmation of the package at the delivery address. You can be rest assured that your parcel arrives to your customer safe and sound.

Collaborative delivery driver networks are a relatively new concept, but already making a big impact to support a healthier environment and smaller businesses to remain competitive and save money. If you’re interested in joining our network as a driver to earn some extra cash, click here. We’d love to have you on the ShipperBee team!

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