The Future of Shipping

Jim Estill, Founder and CEO

Like many people in greater metropolitan areas, I get stuck in traffic. I sit surrounded by a sea of transport trucks and cars, going nowhere fast, with carbon emissions flowing a plenty. The upside? It gives me lots of time to do what I do best – think.

I spend a lot of my time reading, absorbing, thinking, developing new ideas, constantly innovating and inspiring others through mentorship. The result is a constant stream of ideas, sometimes too many at a given time. But one day in particular, my overactive ‘always on’ brain, realized as I was sitting amongst this sea of cars, many are empty. Empty back seats. Empty trunk space. Empty passenger seats. It occurred to me that there simply had to be a better and more productive way to tap into this unused space to reduce congestion on our roads and save the environment from excess carbon emissions.

That’s when I set out to create the ShipperBee concept. A simple vision that if every car on the road today carried a few parcels, there would be significantly fewer trucks on the road, and as a result, fewer emissions. As people who care for the environment, we would all be doing a small part to make a big difference, just like our efforts to recycle.

So, what the heck is ShipperBee?

ShipperBee is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery system that cuts distribution centers out of the equation to help save shippers money, end unnecessary local delivery delays and drastically reduce carbon emissions. Our drivers – commuters, stay-at-home parents, students, retirees, rideshare drivers, roadtrippers – deliver parcels using a network of innovative, smart, interconnected transfer mailboxes called Hives. These Hives are located at strategic locations like gas and convenience stores and are Wi-Fi connected, fully weatherproof, camera equipped and are virtually indestructible, keeping parcels safe and secure between drivers and final delivery.

The better, simpler, greener way to ship regionally

There are so many reasons why ShipperBee is the better alternative to delivery giants for regional shipping.

1. Better for the planet

Have you ever placed an online order for an impulse buy, taken advantage of online deals during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day?  Have you purchased an item in several sizes because you weren’t sure which size would fit and planned to return it later? Harmless, right?  Not so much. Our instant gratification society and expectations of fast one-day shipping, is taking a tremendous toll on the environment through increased carbon emissions. More so than heading to the store to make a purchase.

With normal shipping, orders are consolidated into as few boxes as possible, trucks are packed to the brim and are sent on a route that is far more efficient in making as many deliveries as possible over the shortest distance. With faster shipping options, emptier trucks have to deliver to fewer customers, who are further apart, in order to meet deadlines. In the end, this means more trucks driving longer distances for every delivery generating a lot more emissions and traffic.

There is a better way. ShipperBee is changing how parcels are moved in North America that’s better for people and the planet by tapping into unused space in everyone’s car to move parcels. Our collaborative delivery driver network is filled with people already on the road. By leveraging their unused vehicle space, we can reduce carbon emissions by up to 70%+ per parcel. Making this simple shift in how we deliver parcels at a regional level will make a big impact on our environment and the future of our planet.

2. More cost effective

Shipping prices can greatly impact a customer’s decision to buy. In fact, 36% of consumers abandon their online shopping cart because of shipping costs. Bottom line is customers dislike seeing shipping costs added to their purchase. Whether you charge the shipping direct to your customer or bake it into your pricing, ShipperBee is a more cost effective, regional solution for shippers – one that can save up to $12/package. Unlike delivery giants, our shipping is flat rate and fully transparent. There are no hidden fees, fuel surcharges or residential charges in urban areas.

As someone who has started and run my own businesses for much of my life, there is one thing I have learned over the years. Always look for a better, more efficient way to operate. ShipperBee offers that. Not only does it allow you to save money on shipping, you will also feel good about how you’re taking a step in making our world a better place for generations to come.

3. The ‘Power of While’

If you’ve never heard of the Power of While concept before, it’s essentially looking at what you can do while doing something else. I use the Power of While every day. For example, I do walking meetings with my staff with most being 30 minutes, just long enough to get some fresh air and short enough to be efficient.

Our drivers also tap into the Power of While. They’re regular, everyday people who are already in transit. On their way to and from work, little Johnny’s soccer game, running an errand, in between rideshare passengers and more. While doing their day-to-day activities, they add on parcel pick-up and drop off points close to their start and finish destinations. No need to veer off the beaten path.

4. Creates a sense of community

Whether you’re a commuter, busy at-home parent, retiree, student or roadtripper, ShipperBee is a way to be part of a unique and flexible community that empowers individuals from every walk of life to have a flexible side gig.

Done on the schedule you choose, ShipperBee helps you earn extra cash while on your way. Maybe you’re saving for a down payment for a new home, a family vacation, your child’s university education or maybe you just want to do more and make more. No matter what your end goal is, ShipperBee can help get you to it faster.

And if you’re like me, the next time you take a business trip to the airport or go to visit a family member, you’ll also feel better about what you’re doing to contribute to a healthier environment by taking a parcel or two along for the ride.

How it works

ShipperBee is actually a very simple concept for Hive hosts, shippers and drivers. Here’s how it works:

I personally believe there is a better way to move parcels and think that ShipperBee is the answer to that. The small changes we can make together will have a big impact. ShipperBee will become a part of our daily lives, while on our way because it’s better for people and the planet.

Interested in joining us to make the world of shipping a better place? Join us as a shipper or a driver today.

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