The Ultimate Side Gig: A Side Hustle without Hustle

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

I know what you’re thinking about the title of this blog. How on earth can you have a side gig without adding more hustle and bustle to your life? First off, let me explain what I consider a side hustle. It's not necessarily a full-blown business on the side. It can be, but more than that it’s a secondary revenue stream to your day job. Some believe that it's critical that everyone have one. Regardless of how much it makes, the right side gig will help you reduce stress, give you more freedom and make you happier.

People from all walks of life are gravitating towards a side hustle in the new Gig Economy, which has exploded with no signs of slowing down. In fact, in 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 55 million people in the U.S. are “gig workers,” which is more than 35% of the U.S. workforce. That number is projected to jump to 43% by 2020. Millennials do it for the promise of greater work-life balance. Retirees and boomers on the brink of retirement are drawn to gig work because it offers a little extra income without a major time commitment. Other generations see it as income to save for a trip, their child’s education or perhaps some renovations on their home.

If you don’t know what the Gig Economy is, let me explain. It’s when businesses rely more on freelancers and independent workers, contracted on a short-term basis, than they do on permanent staff. In this context, the word ‘gig’ refers to a one-off job that someone gets paid to do on a casual basis. Some great examples are Airbnb hosts, Uber and Lyft drivers or if you’ve ever hired someone on or They are all essentially working a ‘gig.’

Regardless of what you choose as a side gig or what your reason, anything can pretty much be a side hustle. If you approach it correctly, some ventures naturally lend themselves to less of a time commitment.

Now, if you’re considering a side hustle to earn extra cash, but are time strapped and require ultimate flexibility, there’s a new option in town. With this one, you can be your own boss, set your own schedule, create balance and invest minimal time each day – being a ShipperBee driver.

Why choose ShipperBee as a side hustle?

Whether you’re a commuter, stay-at-home parent, student, retiree, rideshare driver or a roadtripper, ShipperBee is the ultimate side hustle. Here’s why:

There is no real hustle!

Many people refrain from adding a side job to their schedule. Life is already hectic enough with our day jobs, working in the evenings to catch up from being in meetings all day, running our kids to extra-curricular activities, long hours commuting, cooking dinner, dedicating time to family. The list goes on. The thought of adding more work to a heavy schedule is daunting, and if you do, it can impact your physical, emotional and social well-being if balance is not sought.

As a ShipperBee driver, the concerns and additional stresses of a typical side gig don’t exist. You pick the times and location in which you transfer parcels. It can be while you’re on your way to and from work in and out of the city, or locally when you take the kids to their activities, go to yoga class, head out to do grocery shopping or have an afternoon to spend doing first mile pick-ups at a local business or last mile deliveries around town to parcel recipients. It’s up to you. No stress, no pressure. We fit into your life schedule and local area, as well as offer the balance and flexibility you need on pick-up and drop-off points so there is no need to go out of your way.

Which leads me to my next point…

You tap into the ‘Power of While’

If you’ve never heard of the Power of While concept before, it’s essentially looking at what you can do while doing something else. Our CEO and Founder uses the Power of While every day. For example, he holds 30 minute walking meetings, just long enough to get some fresh air and short enough to be efficient.

As a ShipperBee driver, you’ll also tap into the Power of While. It’s quite simple. As you head out for your day-to-day activities, you’ll stop for a parcel pick-up at a Hive near you. As you arrive to your final destination, you’ll drop-off the parcel(s) at another nearby Hive location. Because your pick-up and drop-off points are close to your start and finish destinations, there’s no need to veer off the beaten path.

You avoid passenger psychology

Unlike the world of rideshare driving, being a ShipperBee driver bypasses a very big pitfall – how to handle passengers of all kinds and all scenarios.

In the rideshare world, being a passenger psychologist is a bit of a must. You need to be able to detect which passengers are worth taking and which are not. You need to be prepared for drunken passengers that may not only vomit in your backseat, but may also become violent or erratic. And what do you do with pets, eaters and people that just plain smell bad?

As a ShipperBee driver, you’re simply taking parcels from point A to point B. They don’t talk, they don’t make a mess in your car, and they’re easy and hassle free to move.

You help the environment

Chances are, you’ve taken advantage of the ability to place an online order. Maybe it was impulse buy, or you took advantage of a holiday cyber deal or even purchased an item in several sizes to ensure you got the right fit and planned to return it later. Harmless, right? Not so much. Our instant gratification society and expectations of fast one-day shipping, is taking a tremendous toll on the environment through increased carbon emissions. More so than heading to the store to make a purchase.

Here’s why. Normal shipping consolidates orders into as few boxes as possible. Trucks are packed to the brim and are sent on a route that is far more efficient in making as many deliveries as possible over the shortest distance. With faster shipping options, it’s the opposite. Emptier trucks have to deliver to fewer customers who are further apart in order to meet deadlines. In the end, this means more trucks driving longer distances for every delivery generating a lot more emissions and traffic.

As a ShipperBee driver, you can help change the way parcels are moved in North America – that’s better for people and the planet – by tapping into the unused space in your vehicle. By leveraging this space, we can reduce carbon emissions by up to 73.1% per parcel. Such a simple shift in how we deliver parcels at a local level will make a big impact on our environment and future.

You have an additional source of income – how empowering!

Are you short on extra cash? Do you have to stretch from paycheck to paycheck to get the bills paid? Looking for extra retirement income? Saving for a trip? If you’re not ready to look for a higher paying full-time job or don’t want to commit to adding a permanent part-time job to your schedule, being a ShipperBee driver is an ideal side gig.

Not only will you be making a big impact on the health of our planet, but by tapping into the time you’re already on the road, you can also earn extra income. Whether you’re working to pay-off debt, school loans, saving for a trip, retirement, your kid’s education fund or simply want to make more to do more, being a ShipperBee driver can help you get there.

You’re part of a unique community

ShipperBee is a way to be part of a unique and flexible community that empowers individuals from every walk of life to have a flexible side gig to achieve your end goal. If you’re anything like many of us here at ShipperBee, you’re passionate about doing your part in contributing to a healthier environment and get excited about picking up parcels on your next car ride. You’ll enjoy the ability earning extra income for those financial goals with the flexibility today’s world demands. And you’ll love that you’re a part of a whole new evolution on how local shipping works.

Having a side gig doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Those that have hectic work-life schedules can still reap the benefits of earning extra income while already performing regular, everyday tasks. Join us and become a ShipperBee driver today. No pressure, no hassle and no time-based commitments.

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