The Surprising Gift Consumers Want for the 2019 Holiday Season

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

Retail Dive published a great article earlier this month focused on what consumers want for the 2019 holiday season. Can you guess what it was? A better environment! We didn’t see that one coming. The reason why is because we’ve been monitoring the trends around consumer’s rapidly growing preference for quick ship options when it comes to online shopping — and there is nothing environmentally friendly about it.  

The sad reality is that same and next day shipping has become the de facto standard. But this growing trend hasn’t come from consumers. It has come from larger retail giants looking to overtake the market and create impressive competitive differentiation. It has spurred this new instant gratification frenzy for getting our products as fast as possible while shopping from the comfort of our own home. In return, the steps taken to operationalize quick shipping options have had drastic impacts on the environment and employee health thanks to requirements around fulfillment speed.

Shoppers are beginning to show preference to buy from retailers that support sustainability and other social issues, however. Research from the NPD Group and Accenture have pointed to consumers seeking responsible retailers to shop at during the holidays. The NPD Group's survey of nearly 3,500 consumers found that a retailer or manufacturer's stance on social issues is likely to be a positive influence on consumers. 

Meanwhile, Accenture's Holiday Shopping Survey of 1,500 consumers found that 45% of respondents are more likely to shop with retailers that address social issues through their business practices and working conditions.  

What piqued our interest the most in the article was that, “At a time when major retailers are speeding up their delivery times, consumers are also opting to extend the wait for a day or so to minimize the environmental impact of shipping.” This is the opposite of what we have seen trending and demonstrates that upswing in people’s desire to select brands that take corporate social responsibility seriously.

This shift is music to our ears here at ShipperBee. We’re strong environmentalists at heart. We’re on a mission to change the world of regional shipping (you can read more about it here) by dramatically reducing the carbon footprint the shipping industry has on the planet. We do this by leveraging our Collaborative Delivery Driver Network filled with people already on the road — commuters, retirees, stay-at-home parents, students, roadtrippers. In fact, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions for every parcel we ship by 73.1% per parcel.  

Our model demonstrates our strong belief that slower 2 to 3-day shipping that supports a better environment is the way of the future. It will become the new de facto standard for consumers who have a desire to reduce their, and the companies they buy from, carbon footprint. And as our customer base continues to grow, we’re seeing more responsible retailers leverage our organization for its eco-friendly shipping without any impact to the customer experience.

To learn more about shipping with ShipperBee, click here. We’re not just a more sustainable shipping partner. We also save you up to 33% on your shipping costs, provide real-time GPS tracking and all of the safety and security you and your customers need for getting parcels from A to B.

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