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ShipperBee Unveils its Hive Technology at the 2019 NACS Show

Gas and convenience retailers will discover how to increase fuel and convenience sales, as well as open up a whole new profit center, without any upfront investment

Atlanta,GA, ON, October 2, 2019 — ShipperBee announced today the unveiling of its network of transfer mailboxes, called Hives, at the 2019 NACS Show being held at Georgia World Congress Center in Georgia, October 1-4, 2019.

ShipperBee is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery system that pays commuters and other drivers to deliver parcels using its network of Hive transfer mailboxes located at gas and convenience locations throughout North America. Certified, background checked, and rated drivers use these Hives as pick-up and drop-off points for packages, like a baton in a relay.  

“With more than 24,000 attendees, the 2019 NACS Show provides an ideal opportunity to showcase our Lives, and their value, to gas and convenience retailers throughout North America,” saidShipperBee’s founder and chief executive officer, Jim Estill. “Attendees can visit us at booth 554 to see a live demonstration of the Hive and discover how becoming a Hive host can open their brand up to a whole new profit channel without any investment — one that can earn an additional $200K in parcel profit and add a total of $10M in annual revenue for every 100 participating stores.”

Hive hosts are paid for every parcel that passes through the Hives, but also benefit from moving two potential customers — the drop-off driver and pick-up driver — through their locations as parcels move through the Hive. In return, hosts benefit from increased fuel sales, in-store traffic and new loyalty rewards members through a whole new audience segment.

ShipperBee also offers a holistic data-driven view into location-specific insights surrounding visitor demographics and behaviours to drive better business outcomes. Hive hosts can then leverage this data to proactively targeting, incentive and measure the increase in traffic and in-store purchases by their newly captured market segment.  

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