How Unique Shipping Features Build Customer Loyalty

Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is the art of proactively ensuring that your customers get their orders how and when they expect, taking intelligent action to correct issues along the way and continuously communicating to uphold brand promises.  

As e-commerce continues to explode, it’s going to be critical to ensure that delivery becomes an extension of your brand’s customer experience. When it comes to customer perception, delivery matters. Paying attention to your delivery process is an important element to improving your customer service and boosting repeat business. 84% of shoppers won’t return to a brand that misses their delivery. 98% of shoppers expect to be able to self-serve when it comes to delivery appointments and address changes. Last mile transportation costs can make up 8% of annual turnover, eating into your margins.

DEM is still largely untapped and is sure to provide you with competitive advantage:

- You gain control of your customers’ delivery experience like never before

Shoppers are not the most forgiving. Any misstep in the delivery process results in fingers being pointed at the retailer rather than at the courier, even if the blame lies with the latter. Unfortunately, the onus lies with the retailer to ensure their customers have a memorable delivery experience.  

- You improve customer retention and customer lifetime value (CLV)

Focusing on delivery experience will have a definite impact on the long-term profitability of your business. It allows you to get ahead of your competition at a time when quality of delivery experience is being acknowledged as the critical battleground of the day. Having a memorable delivery experience as a part of your overarching customer experience will increase retention and profits for your business as it increases the lifetime value of each of your customers. This is particularly important in the context of spiraling customer acquisition costs. Surveys have consistently shown that it costs at least five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

- Your online brand advocacy will increase

A disgruntled customer is one who shouts out on your social media channels to vent their frustration, in turn dissuading prospective customers intending to purchase from you. After all, most prospective online shoppers refer to online reviews before making their purchase decisions. By offering a positive delivery experience, you can turn your customers into raving fans and online advocates.  

There are mountains of inefficiency embedded in most retail shipping processes, preventing brands from making every delivery amazing. Customer care teams are inundated with “where is my order?” calls and becoming ad hoc logistics coordinators. So how do you increase customer satisfaction with your delivery experience? By working with a shipping partner that offers unique features that add value to both you and your customers, in turn setting you apart from your competition, including:

1. Real-Time Parcel Tracking with GPS

What kind of experience do you think customers have when they see “Label created, not yet in system” when clicking on the link in their ship confirmation email? (Hint: It’s probably a frustrating one). Your post-purchase delivery experience should allow both you and your customers to track packages every step of the way with real-time GPS-enabled tracking that pinpoints a parcel’s exact destination at any time during the shipping process. When working with ShipperBee, from the time your parcels leave your location, our controlled, technologically driven process provides real-time GPS tracking and delivery updates. In fact, our tracking is better than what you get with the delivery giants. We (and you!) can see and pinpoint the exact location of your parcels at any time – just like if you were traveling in an Uber.  

2. Photo Proof of Delivery

In addition to providing reliable package tracking capabilities, it’s important to select and work with a courier that offers reliable proof of delivery. Text messaging when the customer provides a mobile phone option is a commonly used tactic today. When texting isn’t available however, you’ll want to select a courier that offers additional safeguards, especially as porch pirates become more and more common. ShipperBee drivers, as an example, take photo proof of confirmation of the address and house so you and your customer can see the date and time stamp of delivery and the exact destination the parcel was delivered to. They also ring the customer doorbell in an attempt to get a virtual signature from the recipient.  

3. Use an address verification system

Using a platform that offers an address verification feature will help you minimize errors in capturing the recipient’s address, in turn, reducing the chances of a failed delivery attempt and unhappy customers. More advanced shipping platforms leverage tools like Google Address Autocomplete to ensure that address details are complete and error free. On-time delivery, no return fees, and happy customers. It's a win-win all around!

4. Support your purpose driven consumers with a purpose driven shipping option

While you may not have a specific purpose driven approach to your brand, your customers may have a passion that you should be willing to support and accommodate to keep them loyal. For example, some customers may have a very strong drive to save the environment and prefer to select and purchase from brands with the same goal. Working with a shipping partner that is focused on a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to shipping may entice the more environmentally conscious consumer. If you want to know more about the inner workings of an eco-friendly shipper check out our Eco-friendly Shipping: The New Way That’s Better for the Planet blog.

Working with a delivery partner that can be an extension of your brand experience will set you apart from your competition as consumers today demand a positive experience across the entire value chain. When selecting your shippers, take these four unique features into account to ensure your customer experience is consistent from purchase to fulfillment to arrival on your customer’s doorstep. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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