How to Tap Into the ‘Power of While’

Jim Estill, Founder and CEO

In 2010, I came up with a concept called the Power of WhileTM. I based it on Thomas Edison’s quote, “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”  

If you’ve never heard of the Power of While before, it’s essentially looking at what you can do while doing something else. In essence, it’s multi-tasking. For me, I constantly look to maximize my time and output. I look for ways where I can do something else simultaneously. For example, what can I do while I’m in the car or watching TV? How can I fit exercise into my daily routine? How can I make time for friends with a hectic schedule?  

I have a series of success habits that I live by. One is to learn something new every day. I accomplish this while I’m in the car or flying to a different city by listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Even though I live fairly close to work, I find that my ten minute drive each way still gives me the ability to get through a lot of audio material. While flying, depending on the airline, you don’t have much to do. What better time than to listen to an audiobook and get through it all by the time you land in your destination?  

While exercising, I tune into my audiobooks or podcasts too. But not everyone is like me. Perhaps you have a favorite Netflix show that you can watch while on the treadmill. Or maybe you want to amp it up a notch and workout with a friend. You can take time to catch up while both maintaining a level of fitness and have a bit of fun by incorporating a little healthy competition to push one another. You can even do what I do and hold 30 minute walking meetings, just long enough to get some fresh air and steps for the day in, and short enough to be efficient.  

If you’re spending some downtime at home and watching TV, use your extra time to stretch or exercise. If you take a minute to brainstorm a few ideas (such as doing arm curls during Law & Order), you will be surprised to discover how much extra time you have while you are doing something else. You can even read light material that you need to get through but might not require your complete attention.

I’m sure you’re getting it by now.

I built ShipperBee on the Power of While concept. It was all based on the question of, “What can you do while you are driving or commuting?” ShipperBee drivers tap into the Power of While and integrate parcel delivery into their day-to-day lives. It’s quite simple. As they head out for their day-to-day activities, they stop for a parcel pick-up at a nearby Hive and drop-off the parcel(s) at another Hive close to their final destination. Because their pick-up and drop-off points are close to their start and finish destinations, there’s no need to veer off the beaten path. The best part, a few extra dollars are earned by delivering some parcels while already in transit and our driver app even tells you how far out of the way you need to go to earn that money.

We all make efforts to sort and recycle our household waste in an effort minimize the impact we have on the environment. I look at ShipperBee the same way. If we all take a parcel everywhere we go, imagine the difference we can make for our planet, one parcel at a time? We offer an innovative alternative for businesses that value the environment – and bottom line benefits of clean, efficient transportation. By bypassing the traditional hub and spoke system using vehicles already in motion. It’s a better way to ship and reduces carbon emissions on average by 70%+ per parcel. It’s just smart shipping and a simple and easy way we can all do our part to save the planet.

I am particularly excited by the impact the Power of While and ShipperBee can have on the shipping industry and environment (you can learn more about this in my Future of Shipping blog). As an environmentalist – I have solar panels on my roof, was one of the first Prius owners, started a recycling project in my university dorm, started Simply Clean eco-friendly detergents, was an early investor in wind and so on – the ability to reduce carbon emissions and perhaps take some large trucks off the road to reduce congestion is wildly appealing to me.  

If you're interested in BEEcoming a ShipperBee driver and incorporating parcel pick-up and drop-off into your Power of While routine, sign up here. We’d love to have you as a part of our team.  
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