How Gas & Convenience Retailers are Capitalizing on the E-commerce Explosion

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

Compared with other retail channels, U.S. convenience stores have boasted relative strength and sales growth in recent years — thanks to being built on the premise of speed and modelled to deliver on specific consumer needs that competing channels don’t address yet. While research from Nielsen suggests that this strength will continue at a consistent pace, it’s not guaranteed, particularly as consumer shopping trips decline, competing channels diversify and e-commerce grows. 

Convenience stores remain highly relevant to consumers’ on-the-go lifestyles and are well equipped to deliver products that meet their immediate needs. However, channel distinctions are starting to blur. And with this ever-evolving landscape, gas and convenience brands can’t afford to get too comfortable or become complacent with their market positions and offerings. Competition is fierce and can crop up when least expected. The key is to stay in touch with consumer needs and preferences to stay ahead of the pack, and the e-commerce explosion is no exception.

With so many consumers turning to the online realm to make their purchases — from groceries, clothing and the latest and greatest gadget — less are heading out the door to store locations and opting for the comfort and convenience of home. Add in the decline in Americans’ interest in driving over the last 30 years and the state of gas prices, this means less drivers on the road, which gas and convenience stores are heavily reliant on.

So, what can gas and convenience retailers do to reap the benefits of e-commerce with their brick and mortar locations? They can tap into a whole new profit center that delivers extra per store income without any investment — hosting ShipperBee Hives.

Here’s how. Retailers and online stores are tapping into ShipperBee for their regionally based shipping to save time, money and the planet. As their preferred carrier, and you as a Hive host, your brand reaps series of benefits:

Exposure to a whole new market segment

As a Hive host, you get exposure to a whole new audience segment into your locations — the ShipperBee driver — generating additional in-store traffic and potential loyalty reward members. With strategic placement of our Hives at gas and convenience locations situated on frequently travelled routes, it makes it easy for our collaborative delivery driver network to stop in for a quick parcel drop-off and pick-up when they’re already on route — not to mention the convenience of being able to refuel and get a ‘grab and go’ snack while making a delivery at your location.

Drive better business outcomes

Typically, it takes heavy marketing and big data investments to drive better business outcomes. Our data driven technology offers a holistic solution that provides you with information on driver demographics and behaviors. This enables us to partner together to proactively target, incent and measure traffic increase and in-store purchases by this newly captured segment of the market — without a significant investment like other big data initiatives.

Introduces additional profit and annual revenue

By hosting Hives, you are opening up a whole new profit channel in two ways. The first, ShipperBee pays you for every parcel passing through the Hive. Secondly, we move two potential customers — the drop-off driver and pick-up driver —through your locations as parcels move through the Hive. The result? Up to $200K in parcel profit and $10M in annual revenue from gas and convenience sales for every 100 participating stores. Too good to be true?  We’ve got a proven model and can show you how. Schedule a call with us today. It’s sure to knock your socks off!

Supports corporate social responsibility programs

More consumers than ever demand that companies change the way they do business, become more transparent and take an active role in addressing environmental issues. Becoming a Hive host presents your brand as a strong supporter of more environmentally friendly ways to support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. You demonstrate that you’re doing your part to help change the world of regional shipping by offering parcel transfer locations. In return, you’re supporting a 73.1% reduction in carbon emissions per parcel being shipped through ShipperBee. Can we get a “wow!” to that incredible statistic?

Doesn’t require any new overhead or other investments

Our Hives are located outside of your store allowing you to maintain full control over your store layouts and valuable merchandising space. Plus, we install and maintain all Hives for free and manage our collaborative delivery driver network. There are no monthly fees or other ongoing costs, just extra per store income. No maintenance and no hassle. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Staying ahead of the curve is imperative in an industry as competitive as convenience retail. Driving strong traffic to store locations, and leveraging data driven insights to create better business outcomes, is a key to success. BEEcoming a ShipperBee Hive host will support you in getting there. Learn more.


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