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First-of-its-Kind End-to-End Regional Shipping Solution, ShipperBee, Celebrates Grand Opening

Guelph, ON, September 12, 2019 – Yesterday the press and public attended the Grand Opening event for ShipperBee, a first-of-its-kind regionally based end-to-end delivery system designed to cut distribution centers out of the equation, save shippers money, and reduce carbon emissions by 73% per parcel. 

The event took place at ShipperBee headquarters in Guelph, Ontario. The company’s founder and local renowned entrepreneur, Jim Estill, and City of Guelph Mayor, Cam Guthrie, kicked off the celebration with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 3:30pm.  

ShipperBee is built on the simple premise that if every driver on the road tapped into their unused vehicle space to carry some parcels, businesses would have access to a more cost-effective shipping alternative and road congestion would be reduced, in turn saving the environment from excess carbon emissions.

“As a passionate environmentalist, my vision for ShipperBee was straightforward – diminish the impact the shipping industry has on the environment with a solution that reduces the number of trucks on the road emitting harmful emissions,” said ShipperBee’s founder and chief executive officer, Jim Estill. “Our studies have validated that we reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 73.1% for every parcel delivered. This small shift in the way we ship will make a significant impact on the environment and our future.”

Visitors to the event received an interactive demonstration providing a firsthand view on what it’s like to be a ShipperBee delivery driver including transferring parcels across their start and endpoints, interacting with the app technology, and unlocking the innovative smart transfer mailboxes, known as Hives.

Paul McLean, chief operating officer, ShipperBee added, “I was thrilled to see so many visitors at the event from local political figures, investors, customers, media and more to share in the company’s vision. We’re changing the way that parcels are shipped to not only reduce environmental impact, but also affording businesses the ability to remain competitive with a shipping solution that is far less expensive than the larger shipping companies. ShipperBee is better for businesses, people and the planet.”

ShipperBee is available to businesses today in the Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener- Waterloo region. Expansion across the Golden Horseshoe is planned this fall and throughout North America in 2020.  

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