COVID-19: Business, Precautions and Safety

In these challenging times, we share your concern for protecting your families and loved ones while controlling the spread of COVID-19 around the world. Our first priority has always been the health and safety of our team members, customers and communities. We continue to monitor the situation daily taking our cues from local, provincial and federal authorities.

With Doug Ford’s announcement to keep businesses and services deemed essential in full operation in Ontario during COVID-19, we feel it’s critical to connect and update you on our next steps.

ShipperBee is deemed an essential service. Together, we are playing a critical role in helping our shipping customers deliver essential items such as food and medical supplies to the doorsteps of our community in order to keep our community healthy and strong.

In order to keep our valued customers, staff, drivers and the community at large protected, safe and healthy, we have implemented a series of protocols to help #flattenthecurve:

1.    All employees with remote capability are working from home

In order to protect our employees and deliver the experience and service our customers have come to expect, we have enabled staff with the right tools, technology and support required to work from home.

2.    Driver COVID-19 Screening and Wellness

Prior to picking up and delivering parcels, our drivers are required to complete a COVID-19 Screening Assessment. If they answer “no” to all the screening questions, they will be cleared to deliver that day. We have also setup a wellness station for our drivers with Lysol wipes to clean and wipe down their vehicle, gloves for their hands and masks to wear out on deliveries.

3.    Parcel Drop-Off: No Contact/Social Distancing Delivery

When making residential deliveries, we have a new process in place to protect both the driver and the parcel recipient:

  • Drop the parcel off on the doorstep of the residence and ring the doorbell
  • Take the recommended 6 to 8 steps back for proper “social distancing”
  • If the person answers the door, obtain “verbal consent” consisting of the receiver’s name and put it into the signature area of the app
  • If no one answers the door, take a photo of the parcel and upload it into the app in accordance with our normal process

For commercial delivery locations, we will follow our normal process unless alternative directions are posted at the receiving area.

4.    We’re assisting our local, Guelph General Hospital, to get critical supplies

As a part of our community giveback, we are donating to the Guelph General Hospital COVID-19 Critical Response Fund. We are also delivering community supply donations from pharmacies and medical professionals to the hospital to ensure our dedicated frontline medical staff get the supplies and equipment they so desperately need to stay safe and healthy as they treat patients.

In this time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that we will continue to provide the exceptional regional delivery service you have come to expect from our team. We will continue to provide updates on our operations as appropriate.

We can’t thank our customers, drivers and staff enough for your support and cooperation during this time. We BEElieve that we are #strongertogether.

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