Convenience Plus Parcels = The Perfect Partnership?

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

GasBuddy’s most recent study examined foot traffic in the $654 billion fuel and convenience retailing industry across the U.S. – analyzing more than 20.3 million consumer visits. The study found that more than half of consumer visits to the pumps lasted longer than five minutes, which suggests that they’re just as interested in filling up on in-store items as they are on gas.  

Gas and convenience locations have become an ultimate hot spot for consumers looking for everything from cosmetics, fresh flowers or prepared foods. In fact, close to half (43%) of consumers aged 19 to 34 are purchasing more meals from these retailers than they did three years ago, with one fifth (20%) buying food there at least three times a month. Even with these trends and statistics, consumers still indicated in the GasBuddy study that they prefer to fill up at supermarkets with fuel programs rather than gas and convenience locations. I guess it’s the old adage of killing two birds with one stone, but it leaves a strong call to action for gas and convenience brands to continuously evolve and come up with new offers and ways to drive traffic to their locations before supermarkets eat their lunch.  

There is a new and innovative way to swarm traffic to your gas and convenience locations, one that is seemingly the perfect partnership. It’s hosting ShipperBee Hives, a new, first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery system that’s designed to move parcels in a more efficient way – all while driving a whole new customer segment, ShipperBee drivers, to your locations. Our drivers aren’t couriers or haulers. They’re regular, everyday people – ranging from commuters, stay-at-home parents, students, retirees and roadtrippers – who already drive by your stores. These certified, background checked and rated drivers use the Hives as pick-up and drop-off points for parcels, like a baton in a relay.  

You’re probably wondering what the correlation of hosting Hives is to being in the perfect partnership. I would be too! Here’s how:

1. It’s about giving and receiving

When it comes to a partnership with ShipperBee, it truly is about giving and receiving. When hosting our Hives, we naturally provide an increase in foot traffic. Our drivers present you with a whole new customer segment passing through your locations. Because they aren’t professional couriers visiting dozens of drop off and pick up locations every day, they’re not hitting every gas station in town. When it’s time to fill up, they get their gas where it’s convenient – your store! Plus, morning and evening commutes are peak times for convenience store sales, and also happen to be when most ShipperBee drivers stop at the Hive. They’re a captive audience that is perfect for “grab & go” items and prepared foods. Hosting a Hive gives them the perfect reason to stop at your location versus a competitor’s.

Our Hives also offer you with a place to put high impact offers with promotional advertising space. Our drivers will see our call to action every time they visit the Hive for a parcel drop-off or pick-up. Invite them to join your loyalty program, take advantage of in-store offers or place a call to action to make an impulse purchase. Whatever your latest campaign is, our drivers will be exposed to it every time they visit your hosted Hives.

2. We’ve “got your back”

ShipperBee installs and maintains all of our Hives across your locations. If one gets damaged, needs repair or goes offline, our team will take care of it. We also manage all of our drivers, making it effortless for you on the people side. Plus, we pay you for every parcel passing through. You can earn up to $200K in parcel profit per store per year. There are no monthly fees or other ongoing costs, just extra per store income.  

3. It’s about shared goals and values

Many gas and convenience brands have a social corporate responsibility around the environment and sustainability. We at ShipperBee do too. In fact, this is the foundation in which our business has been built (you can read about it here). In short, our collaborative delivery driver network, as mentioned above, is filled with people already on the road. By leveraging their unused vehicle space, we can reduce carbon emissions by 70%+ per parcel. Making this simple shift in how we deliver parcels at a regional level will make a big impact on our environment and the future of our planet.   

These are just a few reasons convenience and parcel create a perfect partnership. When it comes to being a Hive host, it’s truly all benefit and no risk.

To learn more, check out our “4 Effortless Ways to increase Gas and Convenience Revenue” eBook or contact us today and we can show you how in just 30 minutes.
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