2020 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

If you're an environmentally conscious person, buying a bunch of gifts that will either go to waste or harm the planet might just make you cringe around the holiday season. And for good reason. In North America, we throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's than at any other time of year. The extra waste creates about 25 million tons of garbage, which is 1 million extra tons per week!  I don’t know about you, but this stat makes me cringe.  

We can do better by reducing food waste, avoiding single-use plastic, skipping the wrapping paper and flat out shopping less. But let's be honest, giving is part of how we celebrate the season and the ones we love, and that spirit of generosity and kindness is exactly what makes the holiday season special. So, if we do shop, let's do it wisely.

If you’re on the search for the perfect gift this holiday season that also supports an eco-friendly approach, we’ve compiled a little gift guide below. All of them were independently selected by our employees and the recommended goodies are from some of our fave retailer partners who are making a variety of different positive impacts on the environment. The best part? These gift ideas don’t break the bank!  From sustainable, natural ingredients and materials to working with a planet-friendly courier, these companies put the health of people and the planet at the center of their business.

Behold, your path to giving and giving back simultaneously — two birds, one holiday stone.

Gifts for Anyone

TruLocal: Organic Locally Sourced Meat

TruLocal provides clean, locally sourced meat products delivered right to your door so can make fewer trips to the grocery store. Whether you want 100% grass-fed and finished beef, wild-caught salmon or boneless chicken breasts raised without antibiotics, TruLocal has you covered. Order a box as a gift or order for yourself to fuel you holiday parties and dinners. Oh, and we love that your first order comes with six free chicken breasts! Buy it here.

Bliss Dough: Edible Cookie Dough
Bliss Dough

Wait, I know what you’re thinking… Edible cookie dough? Yes, it’s a thing!  And I can personally attest to the sheer deliciousness of their products. It’s one of my fave stocking stuffers or hostess gifts during the holiday season. Their flour is heat treated to kill bacteria and there is no egg making this raw cookie dough safe to eat. Bliss dough uses glass jars that can be returned for reuse to reduce waste, plus most of their current products are vegan. Flavours are available to satisfy every sweet tooth and craving. Buy it here.

The Truth Beauty Company: Calm Mood Roller

In our new era and during this unprecedented time, anxiety and stress are at an all-time high and emotional health is suffering. This roll-on scent will soothe and help anyone refocus, recenter and unwind. It’s a gentle, natural way to create stillness and quiet your mind using aromatherapy. Its compact size means the gift recipient can also take it while on-the-go. Buy it here.

Clean Kiss: Eco-Conscious Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

This eco-conscious bamboo toothbrush is such a great little stocking stuffer, and the price can’t be beat! A great alternative to a plastic toothbrush, the bamboo handle and charcoal bristles help reduce plastic polluting our oceans and landfills and detoxify your mouth from bacteria. It’s a win-win. Buy it here.  

Gifts for Her

Clean Kiss: Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

This Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller is a must for relaxing and de-stressing — something we are all struggling to do right now!  It can be used as part of your facial ritual to stimulate lymphatic massage, increase energy flow to facial muscles to relax and smooth wrinkles, to reduce inflammation and puffiness especially in eye area by stimulating fluid. The best part? Metaphysically, rose quartz corresponds to the heart and throat chakras, the energy center of love. What better way to show and send love than with this gift? Buy it here.

Cocoon Apothecary: Ancient Mud Treatment Kit

The deep cleansing mud mask is made with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial clay. A simple four ingredient formula that does wonders for your skin making it appear soft, smooth and radiant. It’s plant-based, comes with a reusable glass bottle and is cruelty free. This gift set includes a silicone brush to apply it evenly to every area of your face and a soft headband to keep it out of your hair. A great addition to the ever important self-care routine. Buy it here.

Le Prix: Eco Pretty Upcycled Clothing

Eco Pretty is the first step in becoming part of the Circular Fashion Process where extending the life of clothing can make a huge difference to resource impact. The company uses previously owned items as the base of their creations, offering the opportunity for more people to shop sustainably and eco-consciously. The company reduces air and water pollution, textile waste and saves on water and energy required to manufacture new clothing. They make things pretty, offer a variety of styles for every clothing preference or taste, all while taking care of our planet. Buy here.

The Truth Beauty Company: Lip and Cheek Tint

Whether the woman on your gift list craves peekaboo color or wants to dial it up a bit, this natural, organic, buildable lip and cheek tint is designed to give an apricot sheen all day. Every girl wants a glow after all. Buy here.

The Truth Beauty Company: Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Are you sensing a rose quartz theme this season for the lady in your life? The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette is the perfect day-to-night romantic 12 shade palette. Formulated with organic coconut oil and organic shea butter means it’s good her skin, plus it lasts all day and is easily blended together to create new colours. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving! Buy here.

Gifts for Him

Cocoon Apothecary: Skin Care Starter Kit

The Skin care Start Kit is a fabulous stocking stuffer for the men in your life. They need skin care too after all!  The trial size bottles are filled with shaving cream, cleaner and a moisturizer. All of the ingredients are certified organic and planet-based, cruelty free and come in reusable glass bottles. Buy it here.

Cocoon Apothecary: Muskoka Beard Oil

For the beard lover in your life, this beard oil offers a blend of oils to soften, smooth and add shine to his beard while moisturizing the skin underneath. All of the ingredients are certified organic and planet-based, cruelty free and exude a woodsy aroma with the scent of the forest. Plus, it comes in reusable glass bottles. Buy it here.

Cocoon Apothecary: Malechemy Beard Comb

This wooden beard comb pairs perfectly with the beard oil above to maintain your manly man’s beard keeping it tidy and styled. The comb is naturally made, has both fine and medium wide teeth for gentle styling and conveniently fits in his pocket for travel. Buy it here.

Happiness Inc: Men’s Golf Crew Sweatshirt

Made from bamboo and organic cotton, this comfortable golf crew style sweatshirt with brushed fleece interior is an ideal wear on the golf course, hanging out with friends and family or lounging on the couch. Plus, it’s preshrunk so no dryer snafu’s for the laundry disabled. Buy it here.

Gifts for Children and Babies

Solful Organics: Baby Bursts

Baby Bursts contain natural nourishment and are free from toxins and fragrance. The organic materials create a hydrating, calming bath cleanser for your baby's sensitive skin. It even helps to alleviate diaper rash and dry itchy skin. Say goodbye to using harsh soaps on baby’s skin. Buy it here.

The Truth Beauty Company: Newborn Baby Kit

All the necessities for a new little one, Newborn Baby Essentials considers the delicate needs to help ease the transition that new baby brings. Made up of non-toxic, safe, natural and organic ingredients, this kit offers a baby oil, bath foam and nappy ointment, plus a relaxing tea blend for the nursing mom—we can’t forget mommy after all! This will nourish and adorn the baby (and mom) on your gift list, ensuring this new little life gets off to a good start.  Buy it here.

The Truth Beauty Company: Baby Oil

This calming blend of nutrient-rich oils is a perfect way to moisturize baby’s delicate skin. Mom and dad can create a bedtime ritual with this oil, which has a light calming aromatherapy blend of lavender and chamomile, or as a way to gently manage cradle cap. Buy it here.

Toy Exchange Club: Toy Subscription Box

The Toy Exchange Club offers a subscription toy box program where the child on your gift list receives a new box of developmentally and age appropriate toys every three months, with the old one shipped back free of charge. Their toys are all made of natural materials and use non-toxic, water-based paints and stains that are safe for children to mouth and play with. Send the child on your gift list a subscription so mom and dad can save money on new toys and have a clutter free home. Plus, you can help save the planet by sending toys back for re-use and avoid the landfill. Buy it here.

A Life She Loves: “Baby Bear” Organic Bodysuit

Have a little baby bear to buy for this season? This little bodysuit is available in long or short sleeve and is a must to show the little cub off. It’s made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton that is ethically grown. Buy it here.

A Life She Loves: “Happy” Organic Cotton Pullover

This one we just couldn’t resist! I know, it’s obvious but it’s also just so adorable. You can’t help but grin from ear to ear when you see this adorable pullover. It’s made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton that is ethically grown. Buy it here.

There are so many possibilities out there when it comes to making your holiday season and gift giving as sustainable as possible. No matter what, make it Merry and Bright.  
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