11 Tips on How to Package Your ShipperBee Parcels

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

One of the best perks about shipping your parcels with ShipperBee is our collaborative delivery driver network. Because our drivers aren’t stacking your parcels in large trucks for transportation, you don’t need to invest in expensive packaging like double wall boxes.

There are some guidelines and tips that we do recommend for our shippers however when it comes to specialized items that require additional precautions.

  1. Parcels should be no larger than 31" x 27" x 14" and weigh no more than 30 lbs.
  2. To ensure that your item(s) arrive in good condition, they must be packaged and completely sealed in a box, envelope or poly mailer. If reusing a box, be sure to remove old shipping labels or cover up old addresses and ensure the box is free from damage so it remains sturdy and intact.
  3. Always place the ShipperBee shipping label on the largest side of the parcel for our drivers to scan and transfer across the Hive network.
  4. Ensure that the label is affixed flat and wrinkle-free. Do not cover the label with tape. Avoid wrapping labels around the corner or directly on the edge or seam of the package.
  5. While we cannot ensure compliance with markings such as “Up” arrows or “This End Up,” properly placing the shipping label increases your chance for the preferred orientation.
  6. For fragile items, wrap items individually with cushioning material, such as newspaper, and center them in boxes away from other items and away from the sides, corners, top and bottom of a rigid, good quality cardboard box. Tape all seams with reinforced tape. Mark with the words “FRAGILE” on the top and sides of the box.
  7. For perishables, ensure that the packaging protects the goods for a minimum of 48 hours to avoid spoiling. Use a rigid, good quality cardboard box and tape all seams with reinforced tape. Mark with the words “PERISHABLE” on the top and sides of the box.
  8. Position bottles that contain liquids upright. Use an inner seal and perforated breakaway cap. The inner packaging must be able to contain leaks.
  9. Place items that might be damaged by normal handling, such as soiling, marking or application of adhesive labels, in a protective outer box.
  10. For odd-or irregular-shaped items, at a minimum you should wrap and tape all sharp edges or protrusions.
  11.  When using a box to ship your item(s), seal it with reinforced tape. Use pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water-activated paper tape (minimum 60-lb. grade) or water-activated reinforced tape that is at least 2" wide. Apply tape evenly across flaps and seams to both the top and bottom of the outer box. Use the H taping method. Do not use cellophane tape, duct tape, masking tape, string or rope to seal packages.

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