10 Cool Facts About Shipping with ShipperBee

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

At ShipperBee, we think there is a better, more environmentally friendly way to ship parcels regionally. One that is far different from your traditional hub-and-spoke carriers. We’ve created a way that saves shippers time and money, not to mention the planet. You might be thinking, how is it we’re so different? Here are ten cool facts on what makes our first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery solution unique.  

1. Our parcel requirements are different – less packaging required!

When shipping with one of the courier giants, investing in stackable boxes to ensure they hold up in their trucks are a must. With ShipperBee, there is no bouncing from truck to truck across distribution centers, which means you don’t need to make that investment. Our drivers are moving small bundles of parcels safely on their journey. They’re not stacking your boxes and parcels but rather placing them in their unused vehicle space and transferring them across our Hive network. So, you can skip the heavy-duty boxes and cost associated with them.  

2. Your parcels get the “personal touch” with our collaborative delivery driver network

Our drivers are not your typical courier. As mentioned, they’re regular everyday people. They use their cars to pick-up and drop-off your parcels – from your business, across our Hive network and to their final destination. It’s like Uber for parcels! We suggest that when requesting a pick-up for your parcel(s) that you leave our drivers with special instructions when completing a shipping request. For example, should they go to the back door to the shipping department or go to the reception area? The more information you provide, the better.  

3. There’s more flexibility

With larger couriers, you’re often set and bound to parcel pick-up at specific times each day. With our collaborative delivery driver network, there are no set times and restrictions. Our drivers tend to work on varied schedules allowing us to pick-up your parcels any time within your business operating hours and specified window of availability. No parcel will ever go missed or be delayed until next business day!

4. The price we quote is the price you pay

We believe that pricing should be completely transparent. We don’t want you to receive your monthly invoice and see a series of hidden fees, residential fees or fuel surcharges. We don’t want you or your accountant to have to spend hours trying to reconcile your bill and allocate the charges to the right GL code. To heck with that! We use the KISS theory – keep it simple!  

5. We’re better for the planet with 73.1% less greenhouse gas emissions

The shipping industry is a massive environment killer whether it’s from trucks on the road or ships on the ocean. In fact, transportation accounts for 1.8 million metric tons of emissions every year with 23% from medium-heavy duty trucks. By using ShipperBee and our collaborative delivery driver network, we have been able to confirm with our friends at the University of Toronto that every parcel shipped with us has a carbon emission reduction of 70%+. Can we get a wow!?

6. Your parcels are always safe and secure

Your parcel safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. Every one of our drivers has gone through a rigorous background check and completed online training before they can accept their first trip. Plus, our Hives are fully weatherproof, camera-equipped and virtually indestructible. They protect parcels from the elements and can monitor pick-ups, drop-offs and the specific time a door was unlocked for a specific driver at the Hive. Final parcel drop-offs are photographed by the driver on their phone and GPS stamped so we know the driver was at the destination and at what time (more on this to below).   

7. Real-Time Parcel Tracking with GPS

From the time your parcels leave your location, our controlled, technologically driven process provides real-time GPS tracking, delivery updates and photo confirmation upon delivery. In fact, our tracking is better than what you get with the delivery giants. We (and you!) can see and pinpoint the exact location of your parcels at any time – just like when you’re in an Uber.  

8. We can offer express shipping for those urgent packages

In the event you have an urgent delivery that requires express shipment, we can assign a “Super Driver” to your delivery. Our Super Drivers assist with these express deliveries, but also take care of regional Hives to ensure they are in good working order, and coach other drivers on how to deliver the best ShipperBee experience possible.  

9. We can deliver faster than traditional carriers

ShipperBee doesn’t rely on sorting at mass distribution centers. By removing traditional hub-and-spoke processes and focusing our services on a regional level, we will be faster than other services for shorter, localized distance deliveries – our specialty!  

10. We’re people driven

One of our core business values is being people driven. We take care of our customers and treat their shipments like our own. We put your parcels in the hands of capable, conscientious drivers. We treat our drivers right, so they’ll succeed and grow along with us and in turn ensure that your parcels get the white glove treatment they deserve.

Did we miss a fact you’d like to know, or do you have a question about how ShipperBee works? Ask us today at  

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