10 Cool Facts about ShipperBee Hives

Brandi Smith, Marketing Director

Our Hives are one of the most critical backbones to our business. Without our Hives, we simply couldn’t do what we do for our Hive hosts, shipping customers and drivers. Without them, parcels simply couldn’t get from A to B safely and securely in their regional areas as quickly and seamlessly as possible. As a first-of-its-kind end-to-end delivery solution in the industry, we’re unique. However, being unique may leave you with some questions on how our Hives work when it comes to shipping parcels. So, we’ve taken our top ten must-knows from Hive hosts, shippers and drivers and compiled them here for you.

1. They’re hosted at gas and convenience stores

We have strategically placed all our Hives at gas and convenience store locations in heavily populated regions throughout North America. We’ve chosen gas and convenience retailers as our primary Hive destinations because they are situated on frequently travelled routes. This makes it easy for our collaborative delivery driver network to stop in for quick parcel drop-off and pick-up when they’re already en route – not to mention the convenience of being able to refuel and get a grab and go snack while making a delivery.

2. They’re Wi-Fi enabled

Our Hives are all Wi-Fi enabled are situated close to the brick and mortar gas and convenience buildings where they reside to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal strength is strong and doors are unlocked from our Command Center quickly and easily to keep our drivers and parcels on the move.  

3. Drivers unlock the Hive using the ShipperBee app

As a driver arrives to a Hive for a parcel drop off or pick-up, they use the ShipperBee app to notify the Hive of their arrival. The app signals our Command Center, using the Wi-Fi connection, which opens the Hive door for parcels to be placed or taken for additional transfer to another Hive or to its final destination. Our Command Center is able to identify which doors are to be open for drivers and their packages ensuring that the right parcels are picked up by the next driver.

4. They’re fully weatherproof and extremely durable

Our Hives are manufactured out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for its durability and ability to adapt to every climate condition, from extreme heat to extreme cold. Its doors and hinges have been engineered with silicon gaskets, so they prevent water ingress and protect the inner environment from the elements. Our Hives are meant to last! Our Hives also have passive chimneys to keep the inside temperature close to ambient, which is better than heavy duty trucks sitting in the heat and sun! And while we do not allow liquids to be shipped across the Hive network, in the event something was shipped in liquid form and broke, the Hive shelves slope slightly to the back and have scallops allowing the liquids to drain and avoid seeping into another package and damaging it or its content. Lastly, our Hives have been constructed to detect tamper events. In the event that a Hive is vandalized, we have sensors and triggers to alert our Command Center of the issue so we can immediately address it and ensure parcels are safe and secure.

5. They are equipped with security cameras

Speaking of parcel security and safety, all Hives are equipped with security cameras that are triggered with motion detection. Whether someone passes by the Hive or a driver opens a door, our cameras are triggered to constantly monitor the exterior environment as a safety and security measure to prevent vandalism and theft. All recordings are communicated to our Command Center through a live stream, recorded and saved to the cloud, 24x7x365.

6. They're Solar Powered

The environment is a big factor for us here at ShipperBee. We believe that we are contributing to a healthier environment one parcel at a time, and in fact we are!  For every parcel we ship, we reduce carbon emissions by 70%+ - Wow, right?! But our environmental sustainability initiatives don’t stop with parcels. All Hives are equipped with solar panels, so they are self-sustaining. Our solar panel batteries can last up to one week on a single charge and in climates and regions that do not get a lot of sunlight, we also have the ability to plug them in, but why use electricity when you don’t have to?

7. They have weight continuity to ensure the right parcels are transferred

Our Hives have a weight continuity mechanism allowing us to weigh each parcel at the first Hive, so we know the weight accuracy of parcels being transferred across our network. When a driver arrives to a Hive, our command center instructs the driver on which parcels to pick-up. If they driver is to take six parcels weighing 8 lbs each, the Hive and their phone alerts them if they don’t. This also allows us to know they drop-off the same weight when they deliver to the next Hive.  

8. Your parcels are always safe and secure

Your parcel safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. We’ve taken several steps to ensure this happens. Hives are fully weatherproof, camera-equipped and extremely durable as mentioned above. They protect parcels from the elements and can monitor pick-ups, drop-offs and the specific time a door was unlocked for a specific driver at the Hive.

9. They can accommodate up to 138 parcels

A variety of parcel dimensions and packaging can be accommodated by the Hive – it’s so spacious that it can accommodate a whopping 138 parcels measuring 6” x 6” x 6”. Our maximum parcel size however is 31" x 27" x 14" and maximum weight for any parcel is 30 lbs. This can be an envelope, bubble mailer, box. Whatever you choose to ship your items in.

10. They’re an additional revenue source for Hosts

Gas and convenience stores that host our Hives benefit from an investment free profit center. We install and maintain our Hives for free and pay hosts for every parcel passing through. Hive hosts also benefit from two potential customers – the drop-off driver and pick-up driver – moving through their locations as parcels move through the Hive. Hosts will be the natural selection when it’s time to refuel or get a ‘grab ‘n go’ snack increasing gas and convenience revenue.  

Interested in learning more about our Hives, how we work or in becoming a host? Contact us today at

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