Earn >$10M a year

Become a Hive host and open up a new profit channel –without any investment.

Hive hosting earns per parcel revenue and increases fuel sales and in-store foot traffic from new customer segments.
More fuel sales

More Fuel Revenue

More convenience store sales

More ConvenienceSales

New Profit Center

Increase fuel revenue

Our drivers are regular, everyday people on their way to work, school, activities or shop. When it’s time to refuel, guess where they’ll go? The nearest pump available — yours!  

Boost convenience store sales

Hosting Hives gives our drivers a reason to stop at your store versus a competitor. As they pick-up parcels, you’re the natural choice for a coffee, snack or other “grab ‘n go” goodies. 

Investment free profit center

ShipperBee installs and maintains all Hives for free, manages drivers and pays you for every parcel passing through. No monthly fees or other ongoing costs, just extra per store income.

FREE eBOOK:4 Effortless Ways to Increase Gas & Convenience Revenue

4 Effortless Ways to Increase Gas & Convenience Revenue

How it Works

Shipping order placed

Order placed

Pick-up driver located

Locate pick-up driver

ShipperBee Hive

Deliver to Hive

Transfer across the Hive network

Transfer across network

Deliver the package shipped

Deliver parcel


BEE part of the BUZZ. Be a Hive host.

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