Frequently Asked Questions

Driver FAQ

You can sign up here. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. The on boarding process includes an online application, background verification and successful completion of the online training.
A ShipperBee driver must have a valid driver’s license and current auto insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements in the state/province where the driver's vehicle is registered. Many drivers carry commercial insurance to protect themselves against liability in the event of an accident. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier as to what coverage is required in your province/state.
We believe in paying fair wages to all of our employees and drivers. Depending on how many trips you complete, you could earn up to $25 per hour! ShipperBee fees are calculated based on a combination of factors and is determined in advance of an assignment. This means you can browse assignments by price, location, etc.
ShipperBee pays drivers monthly, with an option for bi-weekly and weekly. It’s entirely up to you. Once we issue your payment via e-transfer, it can take 2-3 business days to arrive into your bank account.
You can enable your notification preferences to receive alerts when an assignment is available based on your filters. Once you accept an assignment, the app will provide details on pick-up and/or delivery instructions.
No, that's the beauty of ShipperBee! You drive when you have the time and availability. We work within your schedule.
If you will be earning $30,000 or more in a calendar year as an independent contractor then the Canada Revenue Agency requires you to register to collect and remit HST/GST. If you have an HST/GST registration, please forward to ShipperBee,, so we can pay it appropriately.

Shipper FAQ

Because ShipperBee does not rely on sorting at mass distribution centres, it will be faster than other services for shorter, localized distance deliveries.
Yes – we have “SuperDrivers” who can be assigned to a delivery if there is a rush order. Shippers also have the option to offer an extra tip for drivers to speed up the assignment.
At this time, ShipperBee is for business shippers only.
ShipperBee is changing the way parcels are moved throughout North America – that’s better for people and the planet. We bypass the hub-and-spoke system and plot a direct delivery route using our collaborative delivery driver network filled with people already on the road. By leveraging their unused vehicle space, we offer fast, efficient delivery which reduces carbon emissions by up to 73.1% per parcel.
No – only registered and approved drivers who are assigned to that trip can access Hive compartments. This means your parcels are completely secure – and we know who is accessing the Hive and when.
To open a Business Account to ship with ShipperBee, please visit
All parcel shipments must be setup through the shipper portal. It’s quick, easy and intuitive to use.
ShipperBee is a very simple concept. Once a parcel has been scheduled for pick-up, a certified, background checked and rated driver is located to get the parcel and deliver it to the first Hive. The parcel passes from driver to driver and Hive to Hive like a baton in a relay. The last driver delivers the parcel to the customer’s doorstep and sends photo confirmation as proof of delivery.
The biggest parcel that our Hive compartments can hold is 31” x 27” x 14” and a maximum weight of 30 lbs.
Yes – you can track your parcel at any stage of the delivery process through the ShipperBee portal. We offer GPS-enabled tracking so you can see exactly where your parcel is, any time.

Hive FAQ

Hives are smart, interconnected transfer mailboxes that keep parcels safe and secure between drivers. With no more than 60 parcels per Hive, tracking and sorting is simple.
Yes, the Hives are equipped with a security camera and weight sensors. This allows for us (and you) to monitor your parcels going to and from each transfer mailbox and ensure all deliveries are completed. Our innovative smart transfer mailboxes are Wi-Fi connected, fully weatherproof, camera-equipped and practically indestructible making it easy for you to count on the Hive to keep your parcels safe and secure.