We’re transforming the way parcels are moved in North America with our innovative parcel delivery service.

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What is a Hive?

Hives are smart, interconnected transfer mailboxes that keep parcels safe and secure between drivers. With no more than 60 parcels per Hive, tracking and sorting is simple.

Does ShipperBee deliver faster than "the other guys"?

Because ShipperBee does not rely on sorting at mass distribution centres, it will be faster than other services for shorter distance deliveries.

Can I send or receive personal parcels using ShipperBee?

At this time, ShipperBee is for business shippers only.

Who are the drivers? What are their qualifications?

Drivers can be commuters driving longer distances, or someone who is running errands within the city for the day. We also have “Super Drivers” who are on call for more urgent deliveries.

How do I open a Business Account for shipping?

To open a business account to ship with ShipperBee, please visit

How does it work with my parcels going through the Hives?

Hives are smart, interconnected transfer mailboxes that keep parcels safe and secure between drivers. With no more than 60 parcels per Hive, tracking and sorting is simple.

Are the Hives secure?

Yes - the Hives are equipped with a security camera and weight sensors. This allows for us (and you) to monitor your parcels going to and from each transfer mailbox and ensure all deliveries are completed.

Does ShipperBee offer express shipping?

Yes – we have Super Drivers who can be assigned to a delivery if there is a rush order. Shippers also have the option to offer an extra tip for drivers to speed up the assignment.

How is ShipperBee better for the environment?

We don’t need more vehicles on the road. By utilizing trips that are already taking place (and all the empty trunk space) ShipperBee gets parcels where they need to go without adding more carbon emissions.

Can I pick up my parcel from a Hive myself?

No – only registered and approved drivers who are assigned to that trip can access Hive compartments. This means your parcels are completely secure – and we know who is accessing the Hive and when.

How do I sign up to be a driver?

You can sign up to be a driver now at It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. The onboarding process includes an online application, background verification, and successful completion of the online training.

How do I send something?

Once you request a pick up from ShipperBee, a driver is assigned to the pickup. The parcel then passes from one driver to the next in a relay using our secure, Wi-Fi connected parcel lockers called Hives. The last driver then delivers the parcel to the customer’s doorstep and sends a photo confirmation.